Top 5 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Staff Writer / 23-05-2019 / Apps

WhatsApp has pretty much revolutionised instant messaging with the ability to make voice and video calls, create chat groups and even send multimedia attachments in an instant. These are great features, but there’s still a lot more you can do with WhatsApp. Become a messaging master with our top 5 WhatsApp tips and tricks.

Read Receipts

There are times when you just don’t want to immediately reply to a message. Unfortunately, those double blue ticks are a dead give-away that you’ve read the message and are intentionally not replying. You can easily disable the double blue ticks (Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts) but it can become a pain to toggle them on and off just for certain chats. A simpler way is to switch your phone to airplane mode before you open a chat. You can then read the message without letting the sender know.  Just exit the chat before you turn airplane mode off and the message will remain as unread.

Hide Your “Last Seen” Status

That annoying “last seen” status basically tells everyone in your contacts list when you’re on WhatsAapp. This can be especially annoying if you’re trying to avoid a conversation or just don’t want anyone to know that you stayed up until three in the morning chatting. You can easily turn this status off by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. From there, you can decide to make your status visible to certain people only, or none at all.

Bold and Italics

Get your point across more effectively with bold and italicised text. WhatsApp has a nifty hidden feature that lets you create bold and italicised text, but you’ll have to remember a few simple commands to get this done. To create bold text, simply insert an asterisk on either side of the word (word). For italics, insert an underscore on either side of a word (word). You can even create bold and italicised text by combining these commands (word).

Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop Screen

You no longer have to stare down at your smartphone when you want to chat on WhatsAapp thanks to the dedicated WhatsApp apps for both Windows and Mac OS. These apps allow you to easily sync your smartphone-based chats to your desktop computer for a big screen experience.

Unsend Messages

We’ve all sent a message that we immediately wish we could take back. Finally, WhatsApp has added a feature that allows users to recall a message within seven minutes. The catch is that the recipient must not have opened the message yet and both of you must be using the latest version of WhatsApp. To recall a message, simply tap and hold the message, and on the pop-up menu select Delete > Delete for Everyone. The message will then be deleted from the recipient’s chat window and replaced with a notice saying ‘This message was deleted’.